Search Engine Optimization services are essential for most websites nowadays. However, it can be hard to choose which SEO services company is right for you. Reputable SEO companies will release references and a portfolio. They will also ensure they follow Google’s terms of service. That’s because violating these terms can lead to a website’s ban from the search engine results pages. This is why it is so important to find the right Search Engine Optimization firm for your website. 

Blackhat SEO Services vs. Whitehat

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Blackhat SEO services lead to short-term returns. Google usually catches up to blackhat SEO activity and bans the offending site from its index. Once Google removes your website from their index, marketing the site can become difficult. It is also usually expensive.

Whitehat SEO services gain rank in Google more slowly, usually with keywords. However, the benefits are more long-term. Whitehat verifies all HTML elements. Then, a standard search engine-friendly code is added to the website. Google has strict rules that govern the usage of SEO services. So reputable SEO companies only implement web page code that follows Google’s standards.

SEO Services and Portfolios

No SEO services company can guarantee a high rank in Google. Nor can they guarantee a high rank on other search engines. Instead, when finding the right SEO firm, choose a company that has a long track record. Make sure they have a portfolio of other clients that have good search engine results. Be leery of companies that promise page one of the Google search engine results lists, as Google’s algorithm changes often.

Avoid SEO Services That Promise Link Schemes or Directories

Link schemes and spamming directories go against Google’s terms of service. Spamming links also give the website a bad reputation with readers. 

Link schemes may enhance PageRank for a short amount of time. However, your website may eventually drop off search rankings for violating Google’s terms of service.

When choosing an SEO services company, ensure the following:

  • That the company follows all of Google’s guidelines
  • They do not practice blackhat techniques
  • That you ask for a portfolio of previous client sites for references
  • Ensure any SEO services do not spam links
  • They match your needs

Google is the most important search engine to consider in any online marketing campaign. If the website owner hires a reputable Search Engine Optimization firm, the site can slowly gain rank in the index. Blackhat techniques may have a short-term advantage, but using these search engine optimization methods can devalue the website in the long run. As a result, it could cost your company a lot of money in lost revenue.

Student Marketing Agency assures that our SEO services adhere to Google’s terms of service. So don’t hesitate to buy SEO Services from us!