Need better SEO ranking? Try RankAdvisor

Student Marketing Agency now provides a keyword rank tracking service for all clients, called RankAdvisor.

Just send us some keywords and we’ll enter them into our SEO monitoring software and start tracking them for you. We’ll then send you periodic updates as to how Google is ranking your site for those keywords, including easy opportunities that you can take advantage of for getting free traffic.

Discover Page 1 Ranking Opportunities

Why is Rank Tracking Important? Because it reveals which keywords that Google already ranks you for. It is quite common to rank for keywords on page 2+ in search results. Those rankings don’t deliver a lot of free traffic, however… once you are on Google’s search radar and actually showing up, it is relatively easy to move up from there to page 1.

page four to page one ranking value

In the example above, the example keyword ranks in position 35 (page four). If it were to get to position #1, this one keyword could result in an additional 142 prospects visiting the website. And moving from page four to page one can be surprisingly easy. Certainly much easier than attempting to rank for a keyword which isn’t on Google’s radar at all.

What do you do when you have keywords like this? Well, if you want to move up in the ranks, you’ll need to have one of your minions do a bit of work. A 2017 SEO study by SEMRush (see infographic below) shows that backlinks (referring domains) still play a major role. If you have an SEO person, one of their regular tasks will be link building… every week you should add a few. Gradual growth in backlinks looks entirely natural to Google. However, look at the influence of engagement by site visitors…

seo ranking factors 2017 study report

According to this recent study, even more important than backlinks is how your audience engages with your site. A high bounce rate and short visits will work against you. If you see that pattern in your Google Analytics reports,  there could be some simple solutions, such as reworking your menu labels (make them enticing), or adding some visible buttons to keep people moving through the site.

If you are interested in pursuing higher search engine rankings, contact your Marketing Manager for details on how to setup rank tracking for your most important keywords. This is a good place to begin if you are looking for easy opportunities that are winnable.