Nowadays, most people go straight to search engines to find information on goods and services. They also rarely look past the first page of search results. This is why it is worth investing a significant amount of marketing time and money into getting a good Google search engine ranking.

How Google Ranks Websites for a Search

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To get a first-page ranking in search engines, you need to look into PageRank. Google uses PageRank to determine which webpages are most relevant to a web search.

PageRank is simply an algorithm or mathematical formula that is used to determine the relevance or importance of a webpage. This ranking actually changes from month to month as pages are updated and Google recalculates to provide the most appropriate listed options for a given search. 

The Basic Requirements for Good Search Engine Ranking

  1. It’s important to have other websites with good search engine ranking link to your website. These links act like recommendations. So the more links there are, the higher the ranking.
  2. You need to optimize your entire website for the search term. Google uses complex analysis throughout the pages on each website. It is not good enough to only have a good first page. Google will look through the whole site for relevancy.
  3. Do not try to fool Google. The PageRank program knows if someone is trying to fool it with hidden text or meaningless paragraphs of repeated keywords. In fact, having too high a keyword density can push the site’s ranking down.

SEO Tools and Hiring a Consultant

There are now many applications that can help you select the right keyword phrases. There are also many tools that can help you ensure your site is fully optimized. These tools can search the internet for high-value keywords that have little competition. This ensures that you can optimize your site for the right keywords. 

However, doing your own SEO can be difficult. Not only will you have to learn the basics of SEO, but you will also need to keep abreast of the frequent changes to Google’s search algorithm. So if you don’t want to put in that time, the easiest way to boost your Google search engine ranking is to buy SEO Services from Student Marketing Agency.