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A frustrating part of any marketing instructor's experience is witnessing students seeking employment after graduating. There is often a gap of weeks or months until a student landed a suitable, full-time position. This gap of time is what is leveraged here at the Agency. Part-time employment enables the student to continue to practice the craft for which they studied, and also enables small businesses to reduce their marketing costs. It is win-win for everyone.

Equal Opportunity Employer

marketing students ready to workWe do not discriminate between gender, religion or race. International students are welcome, as are the young... as long as they possess the requisite experience and education.

The demands on our marketing and advertising staff are quite dynamic. Advertising platforms change almost daily. New technologies are introduced almost weekly. Being able to provide our clients with great service demands that our team is committed to ongoing professional development. Lifelong learning is at the heart of our culture, so we really never cease being students.

Why hire our Digital Marketing Agency?

Imagine what you could do if you could afford to have a full team of marketing practitioners at your disposal... PPC Experts, Designers, SEOs, copywriters, programmers, strategists, advertising experts, video producers, social media managers... all at your beck-and-call to help you fulfill your vision. That would be like having your own in-house internet marketing agency, ready to fulfill your business vision.

Give Flight to your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Now imagine the financial advantages if you could maintain that entire team, without paying their wages... and only pay them when you delegate a task and even then, you pay them by the minute at a low hourly rate. i.e. If they work for 5 minutes, you get charged for 5 minutes. Would that be helpful?

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, inventors and business managers across America have discovered that this arrangement can help them execute their marketing plan without breaking the bank. It provides them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, by enabling them to do far more marketing, often for less money and without any long term commitments.

Hiring a single marketing person off craigslist will give you access to a generalist, who might be good at one or two or perhaps three disciplines of marketing. But there are dozens of disciplines, hundreds of technologies, and new marketing strategies being introduced daily. A single person can't hope to keep up on the entire industry. Wouldn't you rather have a team of specialists rather than one or two generalists? And wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to make any hourly commitments to them?

The world of marketing is now so complex that without a team of specialists, most entrepreneurs don't have a fighting chance of long term survival.

Student Marketing Agency exists to give American Entrepreneurs a fighting chance for success.

Modern entrepreneurs are often faced with insurmountable obstacles. Competition is fierce. Regulations are stiff. The market is unpredictable. Offering to give entrepreneurs a "fighting chance" might not sound like much. But consider that even with good help, the odds for achieving spectacular success are low. The truth is, without access to a multitude of marketing skills, and adequate time to perform the myriad of marketing tasks which will be needed, today's entrepreneur does not stand a chance.

That's where Student Marketing Agency can help. By providing business owners with immediate access to multi-skill support, they can get things done that would otherwise be impossible. This is how we give flight to your entrepreneurial dreams. Your business might not make you millions, but your vision will take flight and the market will then tell you if you if your have a big winner.

If you are launching something new, you need startup marketing.

We recognize that the mere possession of marketing skills does not guarantee a business will be successful. The market may still not respond the way we hope. However; having access to skilled labor allows the entrepreneur to test various approaches to marketing their business. Our philosophy is to test small, then scale big. When we scale only after initial tests show signs of traction, we are forced to limit which tactics we test in the first place.

We believe that, when capital is limited, any strategy that cannot be small-tested, should not be tried at all. In fact, we have a tool for finding the best mediums to test for each business. We find it helpful to begin with a set of predefined criteria when choosing which medium to test.

Market Risk

Much of business success depends upon market demand and levels of competition. As such, there are unknown and unavoidable risks in any new marketing strategy.

Our philosophy for developing marketing systems is to conduct small tests, collect data, revise our approach, then test again. In this controlled experimentation process, we are seeking traction that we can leverage into long-term, scalable marketing systems. Many of these experiments fail, at least prior to any attempts to optimize.

The failure rate during the small-testing phase is quite high. Sometimes it feels as though we are testing concoctions for the development of new medicines. The experiments go on and on!

Sometimes we get lucky, and find the magic formula near the beginning of the process. Often we do not. Lengthy periods of iterative testing and optimization are required to answer questions such as, How big can this business become? How fast can it scale? Can it scale profitably? What will it really cost to grow this business?

Some entrepreneurs are mistakenly under the illusion that if there is good marketing in place, any business can become wildly successful. If this were true, the packaged goods industry (which employs the most educated, experienced and highest paid marketers in the world) would never have a product launch failure. But we see that even with vast budgets for market research and market testing, the majority of new products are eventually pulled off the market. The illusion does not stand up to reality. Good marketing cannot overcome lack of demand or an overcrowded market. At least not without the benefit deeper pockets than the guy down the road.

And this is also true of small businesses. They come and they go. Not because they could not make sales, but usually because the overcrowded, direct and indirect competitive environment has pushed marketing costs beyond what the entrepreneur can afford to pay to get new customers at scale.

Thus we see that the competitive environment and market demand are the driving forces behind successful and profitable marketing, and the foundation upon which long term growth can be built.

The biggest risk is early on in your marketing journey, during the discovery process, as you test the limits of the market and find out how steep the mountain is. This risk can be managed (somewhat), but can never be eliminated.

Management guru, Tom Peters, says it is important to fail fast. We agree. Your marketing tests should be as small as is practical and we must turn these tests around quickly. As such, you should never recommend a long-term commitment to an untested strategy. We believe this philosophy reduces risk and pushes us all to focus on developing marketing systems which are predictable, profitable, repeatable and scalable.

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