Terms of Payment

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We are excited to get started! We just need to be confident that the team will be paid for their work. These conditions of payment govern how and when work is charged to your credit card.

Authorizing Work

Your initial payment of $435.10 covers your Onboarding (account setup) and first month of Network Maintenance fees.

The next step is for us to work on a plan of action that can be discussed and agreed to.

You may authorize work by email or verbally. Since the items in the action plan were already discussed, general acceptance of the plan is implied unless you explicitly tell us otherwise.

Each project in the initial Action Plan will include an estimate of time needed to complete that work. Estimates are not fixed-prices, rather good-faith projections. You may request increases or decreases to the time budgets by email or by making comments directly in the Action Plan and confirming via email that your requests have been received.

Any budget expectations you have outside of the initial action plan should be communicated to our team by email, with confirmation of receipt. If you would like estimates for any new work, it is up to you to request those estimates.


Our team will perform work in good faith on a best-efforts basis, in advance of payment for that work. You will keep an active credit card on file which will be automatically debited once per week for the work performed in the previous week. Hourly rates are listed on our home page.

You may set limits on how many hours per week you would like the team to work.

You can identify the charges on your card from our parent company, 'Advercalls Inc.'.

There are no long term commitments. In the event you ever need to cancel, you can do that here. Cancellation will cause all active work to stop. You will receive one final charge for any work to date. The monthly Network Maintenance fees of $38.10 will also stop.


Refunds may be requested for work that was mistakenly performed which was not agreed to.

No other refunds are available.
Onboarding (Account Setup) fees are not refundable under any circumstance.
Refunds for reason of 'quality of work' or 'not as expected' does not justify a refund, as the work is always performed on a best-efforts basis, with no guarantee of outcome or specific quality.

Disputing charges through your credit card company is not an acceptable method of requesting a refund. When a refund is appropriate, simply email us and we will happily claw back the money and refund you.

There are no other terms which affect how and when our team will be paid.

Let's get Started!

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