Cancel Service

Cancellation cannot be easily undone. If you wish to reinstate your account later, we will have to redo the initial onboarding which requires payment of the normal $397.00 setup fee.

If you continue to cover the monthly maintenance fee, you'll have on-call access to marketing help when you need it... website hacks, reputation management issues, strategic emergencies, etc. If you cancel on this page you will lose the ability to get access to help from our students.

To simply pause any current tasks for now, and without losing permanent access to the students, you should instead set your budget to $0.00 here.

To irrevocably cancel this service, enter the email we have on file:

Note; This above process cancels only your project-based services and access to the students. It does NOT cancel any ongoing services that may be critical to your business, such web hosting. You should notify your Marketing Manager if you also need to cancel those services.