Optional Weekly Limit on Work

At any time, you can set a weekly limit on how many hours you would like us to invest into your business or how many dollars you invest per week. In any case, we'll never work without first receiving direction or discussing a project with you.

Set a Weekly Limit?


Your hourly limit will be adhered to as much as is practical. Some tasks take less time than others, so nailing the hourly limit to the minute is not always possible. However; over the course of the month, we should be able to average it out quite close to the the limit you set. Since we bill weekly, you might see some discrepancies from week to week. Some weeks will be a bit higher, some a bit lower. When we have an overage, we take extra precaution the following week to bring the averages back into alignment.

If Averaging like this is not acceptable, be sure to notify your Marketing Manager.


For certain tasks, a focused time block of work is required to maintain efficiency (where breaking it up would require more time to complete). In this instance, we use our best judgement and may intentionally work somewhat over the weekly limit a bit, but rather than bill you for the entire amount that week, we may roll some of that billable time over into the following week, then adjust our work hours that next week to keep your budget on track.

Conversely, if we are prevented from working for several days, that week's total time allotment may be rolled over into the following week, allowing us to put in extra time to catch up on the work.

If this Rollover policy is not acceptable, be sure to notify your Marketing Manager.


No matter what, we'll always do our best to manage our time in such a way that monthly averages always come close to the work limits you set here on this page.