The SocialBoost service boosts the authority of existing or new content on your website by adding ‘social proof’.

Social proof helps generate more leads and higher conversions.

We build the social proof by getting real audience to ‘LIKE’ your content. Here’s how it looks:

social boost example

The likes from Facebook give your audience confidence that real people are reading your content and engaging with it. This builds trust and amplifies your authority.

facebook likes example

And you should be putting fresh content on your website. Here’s why…

The more content you have on your website, the more love you’ll get from Google.

2017 traffic growth after adding content

There is a direct correlation between how many keywords you rank for and how often Google will include you in the search results. And this relationship between content and traffic is not new.

relationship between volume of content and traffic

This relationship has continued for years, and will never come to an end. I explain why below.

more content equals more traffic

The more content you have on your website, the more ‘keywords’ you supply to Google for which to rank. The more keywords you rank for, the better chance you have of showing up in the search results. The relationship between content and traffic is really a relationship between keywords and indexing. You supply the keywords, Google indexes those keywords, and voila! You get more love from Google! Pretty simple, right?

more keywords more traffic

How the SocialBoost service works:

  1. This service is available for existing content, or for new content. If you like, we can create content and post it on your website. This usually in the form of regular blog posts. The content for these posts is ‘borrowed’ from articles which have already gone viral (that’s how we know it will be good content). Once we find these articles, we then rewrite them, because you’ll only get ranked if you have ORIGINAL CONTENT.
  2. We embed the Facebook LIKE code into the content, as shown in the top image of this article.
  3. We tell friends and employees to LIKE the content.
  4. We guarantee between 20 and 50 likes for every post. If we don’t reach that goal with our army of students, friends, family and neighbors, we’ll run an ad campaign on Facebook and PAY for the advertising ourselves and we’ll keep it running until you have between 20 and 50 likes for your great content! Either way, you’ll get real likes from real people. We guarantee it.
  5. It takes us between 7 and 10 days to complete each SocialBoost.

The fee for this service is just $100.00 per month, which covers four boosts. So it is really just $25.00 per boost. There is no long-term commitment, but keep in mind that this service is only available to subscribed clients of our agency. If you are already registered as a client, you can order the service by clicking the ‘add to cart’ button below. If you are not yet a client, you should book a free strategy session.

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To get even more of a boost, you should leverage your new content further by repurposing it for social media posts. Same content... multiple audiences! See a sample social media campaign.

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