Disaster struck when one of my promotional websites got hacked… it took us out of commission for an entire day. Our website is central to our marketing strategy. Our lead generation capabilities were entirely crippled.

Thankfully, I had a recent backup of my entire website. But it was almost a catastrophe.

My new website administrator forgot about our internal backup system and was trying to get a backup from our hosting provider… dead end. They did have backups, but they were not current, nor complete. In the end, our own daily backup system saved the day.

That is when we launched our FidelityBackup Service (available only to regular clients).

For $25 per month, here’s what you get…

1. Daily backup of the entire WordPress database. This is where all the content is stored (blog posts, page configurations, etc.). This is why it has to be backed up every day. The files (images, photos, etc.) are easy. We usually have copies of those on our local hard drives. But the content stored in the database is usually NOT backed up anywhere. If you lose this, you are hooped! We rotate the database backup every fourteen days, which allows us to go back for two weeks and select the best version in case the site gets hacked or corrupted.
2. Monthly backup of all digital files, including themes, plugins and all the rest. We store for the files for two months before rotating. For a WordPress marketing site, this is more than adequate.
3. Offsite storage. We store everything in our secure data warehouse. We have over ten terabytes of remote storage space, dedicated to securing our precious data. We pay the fees for this cloud storage, and do not pass those charges on to you, other than your monthly fee for having us do the backups in the first place.

Are you already a client of the Student Marketing Agency? You’ll never regret keeping your marketing data safe and secure! Get started by clicking the button below.

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