If you’re a writer, and you’re serious about getting your work noticed online, then you need to know about keywords and SEO. These are relatively new concepts that were nonexistent in the world of print publishers.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is not difficult. But it takes time to learn and master. To reach a wide audience online, writers must have articles and blog posts with a high search engine ranking. This is because online content most commonly comes from a search, usually via search engines like Google or Bing. These search engines examine the words people use to search for a topic. For example, they take the search term, “how to write online”, and generate a list of related content.

You can use the following resources to start getting familiar with SEO and keywording.

SiteGuru: Free SEO Guide and Tutorial

siteguru seo audit tool

SiteGuru offers free SEO course that covers everything about SEO. This includes a description of how search engines work, and a comparison of the different search engines. It also tackles the importance of keywords and links, and more advanced concepts like metatags and website promotion.

Udemy: Free SEO Course 

This free online course provides step-by-step guidance on SEO best practices, and how to rank in search engines. You also learn how to build a keyword list and how to incorporate them into your keyword strategy. This course even covers off-page SEO, and Facebook Ads. This course is great, even if you have absolutely no experience with SEO. 

The Website Writer

For those new to writing for the web, The Writer Magazine is a very useful resource. The site offers plenty of free advice on web writing. This ranges from building a website to editing to even special help for ESL web writers. You can also submit your work for potential publishing

SEO for Freelance Writing

The best place to learn how to write for the Internet is the Internet itself! Taking the time to study things like SEO, keywords, tags, and site indexing will greatly pay off for freelance writers who want to be published online. It is also great for bloggers interested in earning money from their blogs. In addition to those listed above, there are hundreds of places online to learn more about Search Engine Optimization technique for writers who want to make a living writing for websites.