The strategy on this page describes a method for collecting the name and phone numbers of prospects who are visiting your website. If this is important to your business model, Do NOT rely on your ‘contact-us’ page. That page may get you leads, but only the very low-hanging fruit. In our experience, you can do FAR better by following the strategy in this tutorial…

We call this process a lead generation “handshake”.

In general, a handshake is when new prospects identify themselves. In many cases, they do this by calling you, booking an appointment or filling out a form. You can also ask them to optin to browser notifications, or even tag them for remarketing.

This is is important, because you will not be able to follow-up with them unless you identify your individual site visitors. Once you know who they are, you can then follow-up and invite them to explore your offer further.

In digital marketing, much of the challenge is focused around identifying website visitors, then using automated marketing chase them around the internet until they are ready to be reeled in.

The Secret Handshake described in this tutorial shows you how to maximize the number of website visitors who fork over their name and phone number, allowing your sales team to call them.