Workflow - Getting Started

Here are the steps to getting the students started on your marketing...

  • Meet with a marketing specialist to go over your current needs and how to onboard the students onto your team
  • If you decide to register, you'll receive credentials to our MMP (Marketing Management Portal) where you can track progress and gain real-time visibility into the work being performed
  • Meet with a marketing instructor who will help you fine-tune your plan of action
  • Marketing instructor will document your plan, putting priority on the essentials. Your plan is sent to you for review and approval
  • After approval, your marketing plan is handed off to the students who will enter your tasks in the MMP
  • You decide how fast (or slow) you want the students to work on your priorities (e.g. half day per week, 1 day per week, etc. or just as-needed)
  • You monitor the progress and results. Get additional help from instructors whenever you need your plan to be updated
Free Strategy SessionHave a quick chat and get your questions answered
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Things to keep in mind... the students are 'mature', meaning they have at least two years of experience in their area of specialty. They are supervised by other students who have at least five years of experience.

However; you are still dealing with students who are not perfect. Like any human, they may make errors (e.g. typos) or may forget things (such as including things on the first draft of whatever they are working on). And despite their experience, they are truly still learning. If you experience any deficiencies, all we ask is that you remain courteous and polite, keeping in mind that the students are driven by passion. You can help them maintain passion for your project by casting vision and being a mature leader. Your positive attitude will be infectious!