Marketing Help and Mentoring

Onboarding fee: $397.00 (waived today)

Includes Marketing Checkup (free today)

  • Immediate access to discounted marketing help from qualified students and graduates
  • Onboarding fee of $397.00 waived today
  • 32-point marketing checkup, $495.00 waived today. Use now or anytime in the future.

There are no long term contracts. You may cancel service at any time and you are not obligated to any minimum amount of work or hours per month.

There is normally a $397.00 setup fee to work with the Student Agency, but that is currently being waived under this special offer.

Our low 'student' rates are possible because our students are filling their spare time with part-time work while they seek full-time employment. The rates we charge are often far less than what these same people will be paid when they do find full time work. But in this case, you are not obligated to any minimum hours per month. You can use only what you need. An hour here, an hour there is just fine! So it is very convenient when you have an emergency, and even when you have ongoing tasks you'd like done without having the commitment of hiring someone.

The student network maintenance fee is just $38.10 per month. This fee is used to help our admin team maintain a full roster of specialized help and allows you to get instant access to a specialist at a moment's notice.

We can give rough estimates for specific projects. These estimates are usually accurate to within reasonable tolerances, but of course are subject to any modifications you might request and the difficulty of the task.

We keep track of all time using a 3rd party time-tracking service. Each week your account is reconciled and any billings are put on a credit card on file. Your weekly report is from Saturday through Friday. We usually reconcile over the weekend or by early the following week.

Larger projects may require a deposit to draw down from. That isn't very common, and we'll let you know if that is ever required. Otherwise, we just do the regular weekly billing after we have completed the work.

A project manager/advisor on our team will be responsible for keeping your projects on track. Their hourly rate is $37.77. The time they invest in managing your projects is NOT billed to you. The only time their fee kicks in is in correspondence with you. As long as you keep phone-time and emails to a minimum, this won't amount to much. Otherwise, the time they spend on your projects is free of charge.

Discounted Hourly Rates