COVID19 UPDATE - Students are working from home. We are operating at 98% efficiency. With very few exceptions, we are experiencing only minor delays on deliverables (i.e. 24-48 hours later than usual)

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Discounted Hourly Rates

Typical Agency Pricing Discounted Student Pricing Your Savings
Social Media Management $60.00 $22.22 -63%
SEO $72.00 $22.22 -69%
Branding $220.00 $22.22 -90%
Logo Development $220.00 $22.22 -90%
  Graphic Design $60.00 $22.22 -63%
  Video Editing $220.00 $22.22 -90%
Web Design $65.00 $22.22 -66%
 Basic Web Coding $60.00 $22.22 -63%
Illustration $90.00 $22.22 -75%
Ad Management $125.00 $27.77 -78%
 Publicity $125.00 $27.77 -78%
Content Marketing $125.00 $27.77 -78%
Creative/Blog Writing $125.00 $27.77 -78%
 3D & 2D $220.00 $37.77 -83%
eCommerce Development $275.00 $37.77 -86%
Advanced Programming $275.00 $37.77 -86%
  CRO $350.00 $37.77 -89%
Marketing Management & Strategy $350.00 $37.77 -89%

Thinking of hiring a marketing agency? Hire a marketing student… Save a bundle!

Our student marketers are experienced and trained.

If you need marketing work done on a shoestring, you've come to the right place!

On our full service program our students are supervised and guided by a qualified, experienced Marketing Manager with years of experience. You don't pay for the Marketing Manager's time except for correspondence between you and him/her, or marketing services they may provide. All of their time dedicated to creating and prioritizing tasks for the students to work on, assigning those tasks to the multiple team members who might be involved... none of that will cost you money.

Hiring a student can save you a bundle.

We do Fixed Priced Projects as well…

You can tell us that you have a maximum budget and we’ll stay within that budget for any project you hire us for.

Our students work at a reduced hourly rate, but just how many hours does it take to complete a project?

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