Social Media Packages

The discounted social packages shown on this page are only available to registered clients of the Student Marketing Agency.

To get the maximum amount of free traffic from your social media package, it should be tightly integrated with your SEO and content marketing efforts.

Rather than merely pushing content out to the social accounts, we leverage the company’s website as a central hub. The goal is to draw social followers into a meaningful business relationship. This often begins on the website, so as a general rule; we try to develop the social campaign in such a way that it facilitates free website traffic, leads, appointments and sales.

The first step in this process is to create interesting content, then publish that content to the company’s website/blog.

We then format this content’s important SEO components such as alt tags, H tags, and keywords, so the content does double-duty as an SEO magnet for Google.

We always add the important (but hidden) social meta tags, including Twitter Markup, Open Graph and Structured Snippets, to allow social platforms such as Facebook to build links back to the company’s website.

This new content builds the authority of the website, and thus helps the company gain SEO traction.

As part of your package, we then syndicate that same content to all major social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. However, rather than merely copying and pasting the content, if it is formatted correctly, the platforms will allow us to paste the URL of the webpage where the content was originally published. This method of syndication allows the social platforms to pull the relevant content directly from the websites hidden social tags, and consequently, the social platform must point visitors back to the website. This boomerang effect drives free traffic to the website and those prospects can then be pulled into a sales conversation.

The amount of free traffic obtained is determined by how many prospects like and follow these social accounts. Thus, one of the other goals is to build a list of quality followers, who are then treated as relationships which can be cultivated and nurtured towards making a purchase.

This sophisticated strategy does take a bit more time to execute than merely copying and pasting content, however; the rewards are multiplied many times.

A typical social workflow looks like this:

  • Source images (and/or video)
  • Size and format images
  • Write the posts
  • Submit all posts to you for approval
  • Publish the post to the website
  • Format the content for SEO
  • Add hidden social tags
  • Verify the social accounts are reading the tags properly
  • Syndicate the content to the social accounts

If you currently do not have a social media package, we suggest starting with two posts per week, then moving up from there once you start getting traction.

This weekly routine usually takes about three to four hours. (Certain industry content can be more difficult to source or time consuming to develop). This is once the accounts are all setup correctly, properly branded and the first post has been completed. This startup phase always takes more time, but once the system is setup, it all rolls along much faster.

The efforts above, describe the publishing of content. If you have no existing followers, publishing new content will result in some limited attention from potential prospects. But it is limited, and the growth of organic followers can take quite a bit of time if all you do is publish content.

This is why many companies will place their social icons on their webpage. They are encouraging their website visitors to visit the social accounts and become followers. There is a time and place for this, but you must be careful not to cannibalize your first-time site visitors. After-all, the goal is to generate leads and sales, not likes and followers! We can help you strike the right balance so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you are aggressive and desire to get traction more quickly, then you can consider using digital advertising or paid social shout-outs to accelerate the accumulation of followers and fans.


$22.22per hour
Original, long-form, 'SEO-friendly' content created and socially syndicated once per two weeks.
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The long-form article is posted on your blog, then syndicated. This is complemented by daily posts of curated content which has been created by others and which has already proven itself to be socially popular.

This starter package is suitable for those on a very limited budget who still require a social presence and build their SEO traction with Google

    $22.22per hour
    Content created and socially syndicated twice per week.
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    The long-form articles are posted on your blog, then syndicated. This is complemented by daily posts of curated content which has been created by others and which has already proven itself to be socially popular, and further complemented by original 'mini-posts', which typically take the form of photos, with quotes... which have a history of being liked and shared on social media.

    This package is suitable for businesses with a modest SEO strategy, and a desire to grow

      $22.22per hour
      Content created and socially syndicated once per day.
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      Same strategy as 'Gold', with more frequent long-form blog articles. Why more articles? Search engines 'index' the keywords on your website. Every additional keyword means an additional entry in their index. Thus, every word you place on your website becomes a magnet for Google and the other search engines to rank you. More keywords (longer articles), can be converted into more free traffic. And since longer articles tend to be more authoritative in nature, they also tend to place at the top of search results far more frequently than shorter articles. We recommend a minimum of 2,000 words.

      This package is suitable for businesses with an aggressive SEO strategy

        The time it takes to do this work will largely depend on how frequently we create original articles for your website, and how frequently we create the quicker social posts (either curated or photos with quotes).

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