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Social Media Content

Here are the best social content ideas for small business...

Leverage viral content

Start by looking for content which has already gone viral on

Consider creating social profiles in major social platforms, including;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

There are numerous research tools available to help you do this research and the reports are excellent idea starters.

One of our favorite tools for finding viral content is BuzzSumo.

viral content report sample

Brainstorm your own content ideas

If you have a good idea, you'll have good content. This is important if you want your content to go viral.

There are five types of content: how-to, lists, what, why, and video.


  • How-to content highlights a problem, offers the fix, then proposes what needs to be done to reach the desired result.
  • Lists are exactly what they sound like -- they focus on a particular topic, offer a number of points about the topic, and provide a brief conclusion.
  • What-posts provide further information on a specific topic, with many articles surrounding comparisons of one thing to another.
  • Why-posts typically provide readers with a reason or purpose and provide details that support a focused conclusion.
  • Videos are also self-explanatory, providing the audience with a dynamic visual of the topic discussed within the article.

Across a six-month period of analysis, BuzzFeed and Fractl found that some content did perform better than others. Lists and why-posts proved to have the most reliable social traction, averaging around 21,000 shares per month with a variance of less than 2.5%. What-posts were the riskiest format, showing a high variance of 13.45%. Take a look at the summary report below.

social content ideas