Your new company email address is being configured now as part of your paid Gsuite account that we are providing for you.

You will receive a time-sensitive notice from Google soon. When you receive that notice, you need to respond to it and login to Gsuite immediately. The invitation is time sensitive.

After you login to Gsuite, you will then be able to login to your new company email address using Google’s regular Gmail interface:

Watch your inbox for the Gsuite invitation!

While you wait…

We need to know when you are available to work so we can plan our future staffing needs.

Be realistic… how many hours can you honestly work each day? We will be depending on you for the hours you commit to. If you do not fulfill your commitment, we will run into delivery problems with clients so if you enter a small number of hours, we will schedule only a small amount of work for you. The more hours you commit to, the more work we will send your way.

The work hours you enter below represent your commitment to work a minimum number of hours for each day of the week (Monday thru Sunday).

Enter it like this: Monday: 4 hours, Tuesday: 8 hours, etc.