ALL incoming email from now on will be sent to your new company email address,, so be sure to login to gmail now with your new account to get ready.


We will be providing you with a paid subscription to TimeDoctor. Soon you will receive your invitation to TimeDoctor to your new email account.

You’ll be prompted to install the TimeDoctor app on your local computer. You’ll need to ‘allow’ all permissions. 

The tracker will automatically keep track of the time you work on each project. The time logs from the time tracker are used for billing clients and also to calculate payroll.

If you ever have time tracking problems, contact your Supervisor immediately and get it resolved asap.

If you make a mistake, like tracking time for the wrong client, or if you entirely forgot to turn your timer on, (or if the tracker stops working) it is possible to edit your time, and even to add time manually, but this must be the very RARE exception.

Only the automated tracking of time is accurately recorded in such a way to justify our hours to clients if they ask about their bill. Manually-added time raises questions and erodes trust, so we do it only in an emergency. For now, I am giving you unrestricted access to edit your time manually. Never abuse this trust.