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Discounted Hourly Rates

Typical Agency Pricing Discounted Student Pricing Your Savings
Social Media Management $60.00 $22.22 -63%
SEO $72.00 $22.22 -69%
Branding $220.00 $22.22 -90%
Logo Development $220.00 $22.22 -90%
  Graphic Design $60.00 $22.22 -63%
  Video Editing $220.00 $22.22 -90%
Web Design $65.00 $22.22 -66%
 Basic Web Coding $60.00 $22.22 -63%
Illustration $90.00 $22.22 -75%
Ad Management $125.00 $27.77 -78%
 Publicity $125.00 $27.77 -78%
Content Marketing $125.00 $27.77 -78%
Creative/Blog Writing $125.00 $27.77 -78%
 3D & 2D $220.00 $37.77 -83%
eCommerce Development $275.00 $37.77 -86%
Advanced Programming $275.00 $37.77 -86%
  Advanced Social $275.00 $37.77 -86%
  CRO $350.00 $37.77 -89%
  Marketing Management $350.00 $37.77 -89%
  Marketing Instructor $400.00 $96.00 -76%

Thinking of hiring a marketing agency? Hire a marketing student… Save a bundle!

Our student marketers are experienced and trained.

If you need marketing work done on a shoestring budget, you've come to the right place!

All their work is vetted and reviewed by the more experienced supervisors prior to release to you to further enhance quality.

Our students are supervised and guided by a qualified Marketing Manager with at least five years of experience. You don't pay for the Marketing Manager's time except for correspondence between you and him/her, or marketing agency services they may personally provide. All of their time is dedicated to creating assignments for the students to work on, planning their time around each task, or production meetings to see projects through. None of that will cost you additional fees.

Hiring a student from our marketing services agency can save you a bundle. But this is not the only benefit of hiring our team...

Benefits of Choosing Our Marketing Specialists

We understand you may be skeptical about hiring marketing students. And it is true, students cannot perform at the same level as 30-year veterans. However; we try to mitigate this by having the students supervised by more experienced team leaders and managers. So in the end, we hope our marketing students will save you time, at a fraction of the cost.

Here are a couple of other ways you can benefit from having our students work for you: 

  1. They are enthusiastic. Students understand that experience is an asset and are eager to do your marketing work. As such, they will bring new perspectives to your company. 
  2. Students are open-minded. They are more willing to learn company culture and voice so they can use that in their work. They will be easier to train and mold to meet your needs too. More seasoned specialists may be set in their ways and may not adapt to your non-traditional company culture. 
  3. Marketing Students have a more flexible schedule. With many students only having school commitments, you can benefit from their flexible schedules to get your work done in a timely manner.  You also don’t have to worry about them having other clients and not being able to give your project the attention it deserves. 
  4. Students are tech-savvy. In the current information age, you need your marketing team to be filled with tech-savvy individuals. We ensure our students stay ahead of the game when it comes to their knowledge and use of the latest marketing technologies and tools. They will bring the innovation your project needs and can offer a fresh perspective that an older, more experienced marketing specialist may miss. 
  5. Risk-takers is a word that can be used to describe our students. Is your company already established? Are your employees playing it safe or have become accustomed to a particular pattern? Hire a student and watch them take risks and take the initiative to do things differently for a better result. 
  6. Multi-tasking is their strong suit. Students can easily beat seasoned workers in the areas of speed and productivity because of their ability to multitask. 
  7. Hire students for their backgrounds. Students may have a portfolio of skills outside of marketing that makes them the best fit for your company culture. More students today are completing courses outside of their academia that can be beneficial to hiring managers and companies as a whole. For example, a student may have a hobby that helps them to associate better with a client or they may have training that helps them to be better at communicating. 
  8. You can hire students on a trial basis or for short-term, one-time tasks. You may not be able to hire a Marketing specialist for a single small task as they may not accept these types of jobs. But you can easily hire marketing students for these smaller tasks. 

On the note of hiring students on a trial basis, that is a great way to start with us. Check out our affordable internet marketing services to see what projects our marketing students can help you complete.

Specialist Marketing Services Offered at SMA

What can our students do for you? We offer a range of services executed by students who are supervised by experienced Marketing Managers. These include:

        • Social Media Marketing 
        • Digital Advertising/ PPC Management 
        • Search Engine Optimization 
        • Content Marketing & Copywriting 
        • Website Coding & Design 
        • 2D & 3D Animation 
        • Marketing Plans 
        • Graphic Design & Branding
        • Conversion Analytics
        • Telemarketing, Email Marketing & Automation

We do Fixed Priced Projects as well…

Tell us your maximum budget. When you hire us, we will stay within that budget while completing your project.

Our students work at a reduced hourly rate, but just how many hours does it take to complete a project?

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