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    (applies to WordPress) Daily, offsite backup of your WordPress database with 14 day rotation. Data is stored in our data warehouse (secured by Amazon AWS).

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    All have some limitations, chiefly that the account we setup is new. Google wants you to spend $100 to get the $100. Bing wants you to spend $25. At the moment there are no spend requirements for Yelp.

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How to Use Student Marketing...

  1. Hundreds of experienced marketing students are available to help you with your marketing. These are mature students with years of hands-on marketing experience. They work for discounted hourly rates, but you pay them by the minute with no long term commitment. Rates range from just 37 cents to 62 cents per minute ($22.22 - $37.77 per hour).
  2. These low student-rates are possible because our experienced team members are, in many cases, filling their spare time with part-time work while they seek full-time employment. The rates we charge are often far less than what these same people will be paid when they do find full time work. We invite qualified students from around the world to be part of the network, but only a handful of applicants are accepted to keep the quality as high as possible. You can find all our rates here on our pricing page.
  3. You are not obligated to any minimum hours per month. You can use only what you need, making this program very convenient when you have an emergency, and even when you have ongoing tasks that you would like to get done without having the commitment of hiring someone as part of your permanent team.
  4. When you need something done, just post a task and we'll assign a student. You'll work directly with them and manage them entirely at your discretion. Use them for five minutes and pay only for five minutes! No minimums!
  5. There is a one-time onboarding fee of $397.00. After that, the student network maintenance fee is just $38.10 per month. This fee is used to help our admin team maintain a full roster of specialized help and allows you to always get access to a specialist when you need one.
  6. There are no long term contracts. You may cancel service at any time.
  7. The students can give you rough estimates for most projects.
  8. We keep track of all time using a 3rd party time-tracking service. Each week your account is reconciled and any billings are put on a credit card on file.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

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