Sales content is very practical.

It is not fluffy and general, but is highly specific.

Make Specific Promises

Sales page content needs to make specific promises.

When planning sales content, start by making a list of promises. Identify those promises that will need additional content to further explain. This is essential content planning for any sales page.


Answer Specific Questions

Good copy also needs to answer specific questions and eliminate specific objections.

Make an exhaustive list of all the important questions that prospects have before they buy, including all the things they need to know before they will pull the trigger.

What questions do they frequently ask on the phone? That is a good starting place!

Sales pages need content to answer those questions. And each frequently-asked question can become the focus of a separate blog article, so that those blog articles have a chance of showing up in search results when prospects ask Google for the answer.

Give your prospects what they are looking for

Want more site visitors to buy or book appointments? Give them the specific answers they are looking for. Those answers are the foundation of all great sales content.

Benny Traub
Benny Traub

Benny is the lead instructor at He founded the Student Marketing Agency to give small businesses the ability to delegate marketing tasks to experienced students at a discount to typical agency rates. This arrangement also gives students and graduates the opportunity to practice their skills and stay on top of their chosen field, even while seeking other employment, and as a way to earn extra money.