Here are three, quick copywriting tricks to ensure that your prospects take action on the sales content for your website.

Above all, sales content must be very practical.

1. Make Specific Promises

It must not fluffy and general, but is highly specific.

Don’t be afraid to make specific promises. The more specific, the better.

Avoid statements like ‘Call us now to get several great ideas on…

Instead, say ‘Call us now to get five great ideas on…

When planning sales content, start by making a list of promises on a sheet of paper. Ask yourself this; what additional information is required to fully explain those promises to someone new?

This is essential content planning for any sales page. From this list, you will create your headlines and paragraphs of copy below those headlines.


2. Answer Specific Questions

Good copy also needs to answer specific questions and eliminate specific objections.

Make an exhaustive list of all the important questions that prospects have before they buy, including all the things they need to know before they will pull the trigger.

What questions do they frequently ask on the phone? That is a good starting place!

Sales pages need content to answer those questions. And each frequently-asked question can become the focus of a separate blog article, so that those blog articles have a chance of showing up in search results when prospects ask Google for the answer.

3. Give your prospects what they are looking for

Want more site visitors to take action immediately? Give (or promise) them the information you know they are looking for.

For example, if they are looking for pricing, feature it in your copy. You don’t need to expose the pricing if you don’t want to, but you do need to feature the idea of pricing high up in the copy because you know this is a relevant issue to the prospect.

Speak to what is on their mind, and you’ll get more action out of them.

Regarding pricing, you can either disclose the price on your website. This is the best strategy if you have an eCommerce site or if your prices are lower than the competition. If your prices are higher, and if you normally speak to prospects before they make a decision, it is best to entice them with pricing, but don’t disclose it. Instead, say “to get the best pricing, call now”. Once you get them on the phone, you can present all the great reasons to do business, aside from price.

Here’s the point… you need to understand what they are looking for and what questions they have, then you can speak directly to that issue.

Those answers are the foundation of all great sales content.