Here are the privileges you enjoy by maintaining your association with the network of students.

An Entire Marketing Team On Call

As an active client, you have over thirty marketing specialists waiting for your command. While the students are waiting, you do not pay for their office, furniture, electricity, internet, insurance, software, or computers.

You only pay when you need them.

No Monthly Minimums

Your association with the network gives you the freedom to make no minimum commitments. While many agencies have ‘minimums’, our students simply charge by the minute. If you only need 7 minutes of service in an entire month, you only get charged for those 7 minutes!

Pause Work at Any Time

Marketing projects are complex, often involving organizing and the security of hundreds or even thousands of files, managing credentials for a multitude of accounts and platforms, and keeping track of the precise status of dozens of tasks and hundreds of sub-tasks, across dozens of team members. This is no small feat! We give you the ability to put all your tasks on hold for those seasons when you need to regroup and rethink your business plan. Meanwhile, we maintain the state of the myriads of details. These records give us the ability to pick up where we left off with no de-archiving and little or no downtime.

Specialists, not Generalists

There are around two dozen disciplines of marketing and many more sub-disciplines. It is impossible for any single ‘marketing person’ to be good at everything. In fact, we find that people are usually great at only 1 or 2 things, just so-so on another 5 or 6, and stumbling in the dark (i.e. reading manuals) with everything else.

Our approach is to try to assign only ‘specialists’ to your tasks… people who have at least two years of hands-on experience with their level of specialty (often a lot more). This is true over 90% of the time, with only a small amount of work requiring the reviewing of manuals. The odd time this is when we don’t have a specialist on the team. But more often, this is simply due to the fact that technologies change quite rapidly and those changes require investigation, including all the new changes from Google, Facebook, and all the other platforms out there.

But this is the exception. While our students are still learning, the rule is, they have seen your situation many times before. Even still, you should not expect Madison Avenue’s level of service. Normal agencies have more experience and therefore charge 5 to 10 times what our students charge. But even agencies on Madison Avenue have real people working there, who will be subject to the same human error as students or anyone else. This is the human condition. For this reason, be prepared to be kind & patient as your team does their very best to help you develop your business and test new marketing ideas. They work for passion, not money! Your attitude and communication style will go a long way to inspiring the passion that will be critical to get the best out of your team.