In the quick video tutorials below, I’ll show you the easy way to, (1) setup a business manager account at Facebook, and (2), give someone permission to manage your advertising account or Facebook page.

If you want to delegate social media management or advertising management to a third party, you’ll need to do this.

Step 1 – Create a Business Manager account

Pretty simple, right? The next step is to assign a partner or manager to take care of your advertising account or Facebook page.

Step 2 – Assign a Partner or Manager

Benny Traub
Benny Traub

Benny is the lead instructor at He founded the Student Marketing Agency to give small businesses the ability to delegate marketing tasks to experienced students at a discount to typical agency rates. This arrangement also gives students and graduates the opportunity to practice their skills and stay on top of their chosen field, even while seeking other employment, and as a way to earn extra money.