SEO Content Writing

The chart below reveals had the addition of new SEO content, by our writers, resulted in a dramatic increase in free traffic from search engines. If you need great content written for your search engine optimization program, our experienced team of student writers can get the job done!

graph shows how new SEO content improves rankings and traffic

The above image shows that before writing new content for the website, the free traffic was almost non-existent. After a few months, all the newly written content had been indexed by the search engines, and the website started showing up in more search results.

Why does more written content result in better rankings?

  1. The more words you have on your website, the more words that will be indexed by search engines. An 'index' is like a database, or list of words which were written for your site.
  2. The more keywords, the more chance you have of your content being relevant to someone's search query. For example, if they search for 'hard candy', and you only have the word 'candy' on your site, you would miss out. By adding more keywords, you increase your change of their search query matching keywords which are in the index of a search engine.

What content themes should be developed?

Your new content must be strategically planned out, so it is relevant and helpful to readers.

  1. Analyze your competitor's content. Include a review of how much traffic each piece of content is generating. If they are getting free, organic traffic from a particular theme, this indicates market demand for that content, which can likely work for you as well.
  2. When reviewing competitor's content, also review the social traction. Is the content getting liked, shared and commented on? This is another good sign.
  3. Keyword research. Once you have a list of content themes which appear to be successful, now it is time to do keyword research to find out the best way to phrase the keywords. Not all keywords are equal. Some get lots of searches per month, while others may only get a few dozen. Some keywords are easy to rank for. Others are much more difficult. Priority should be given to those keywords that get a lot of searches and don't have high difficulty scores.

How much new content do you need to write?

Your new content must be strategically planned out, so it is relevant and helpful to readers.

  1. How much blog content do your competitors have on their site?
  2. How much new content are they producing each month?
  3. Use a tool to count the total words on their website.

The answers to these questions will give you a benchmark as to how much content you will need to write over the coming months (and years).