Samples of Logo Designs

The logos below are small representative of logos and branding designed by our students.

Our tools of choice are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Just a reminder that if you are just starting out, we always recommend you have one of our student designers create a custom brand kit for you (typically costs under $20.00). A branding kit includes documented guidelines for colors, fonts and imagery. Your branding kit keeps all future team members on track, as it serves as a guide for all future designs, including your website, social media, printed material, advertising, and everything else.

clinic logo sample
studio logo sample
fitness training logo sample
supplement logo sample
psychologist logo sample
life coach logo sample
antique gallery logo sample
child therapist logo sample
fire logo sample
photography logo sample
healthcare logo sample
fitness logo sample
eye care logo sample
therapist logo sample
counselling logo sample
liquid logo sample
photography logo sample
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icon phone
icon number