Student Marketing Agency reviews are usually left by clients or past clients. Once in a while, someone who was never a client will leave a review. This is the case with the first review listed below.

The other reviews listed were left by bonified customers.

Keep in mind that it is usually those who are unhappy who leave reviews. We don't get a lot of negative reviews, but we are transparent when they happen.


1 star review

The initial consultation went poorly- Albert was not transparent nor accountable for why my scheduled time slot wasn’t honored and he failed at restoring my confidence that my time would be valued and accurately & honestly accounted for, should I hire this agency. Great concept, reasonable fees, but the consultation demonstrated this firm’s inability to rebound from their mistake in a way that reflects professionalism and integrity. Albert had the opportunity to redirect his error, be accountable and gain my business, but he missed it; he chose to be defensive instead.

Our response:

Hello Johnda, although you have never been a client of ours, we are very sorry you had that experience during your first phone call to explore the fit!
The students do their best, but sometimes that is not enough.
As part of our training review, we checked the call logs and verified that Albert called you at your appointment time without an answer, then tried calling back a second time, once again, without answer.
A few minutes later someone else called Albert and he decided to answer that call. I know you called him back moments later, but he was already stuck on that other incoming call.
It is too bad this happened, because we train the students to wait after making an unanswered appointment call, just in case the other party calls them back.
I know that even this explanation could come off as sounding defensive, but my intention is to simply explain the facts, so you can know that we feel bad about what happened and wish it had gone a different way. We train and train and train, and even then some things fall between the cracks of human error.
Again, so sorry this happened to you. I know how frustrating it can be!
Since you never became a client and have not had any actual work done performed the students, you never got to see the areas in which they shine. That is unfortunate for them, as I know they would have loved working on your business with you.


4 star review

I have been working with the SMA for several months now and I am very happy with their service. I can't say enough about the excellent work we have received from Dale, our social media / marketing representative.

The target market for our business is concentrated in a very specific niche. So it was super important that I find the right kind of agency who was going to actually do their research and help me have the best social media presence that I can have. Dale did just that! He has created great content for us across the board. I also want to note that their service has been very affordable which was another must have since we operate on a limited budget.

The only reason I withheld one star is because I would like to see an improvement in updates and response times. Some clients might require more but for me an acknowledgment of my inquiry is good enough as I would be happy to wait for a response to my question before a few days have passed. Overall I am very pleased with this agency and I recommend that you give them an opportunity to meet your business needs.

Our response:

Just wanted you to know we took your advice seriously and have updated our update procedure to include several updates per week. Thanks for the feedback and helping up improve!