Student Marketing Agency Reviews

Now with over 10,000 marketing projects completed for businesses across every state, our systems have improved dramatically.

As long as the business owner gives regular feedback and then gives the students a chance to make revisions, satisfaction levels remain extremely high.

This has been especially true in this past year since our new client portal has been in place, which allows clients to get visibility into the details of each task. This new feature has given clients a tool they didn't have before, and work quality is now far better as a result of improved communication between clients and their marketing team.

In the rare occasions when one of our clients gets upset, it is almost always inexperienced business owners who have unrealistic expectations and from those who failed to give meaningful feedback. Experienced entrepreneurs have already learned that revisions are a normal part of the creative process and that even if a first-draft is not perfect, it doesn't take much to make changes. There is no need to panic. Just give the students some feedback and a pat on the back and they will pick themselves up and do better.

John Morgan

We have been using the Student Marketing Agency since 2018, mostly for ad-hoc tasks on an as-needed basis. We appreciate that the team is always on call and there are no minimums. Whenever we call, they jump into action and solve the problem. As a small business owner I've look at a number of other vendors- often not cost effective. Student Marketing Agency is like having your own I.T. team & marketing team on call 24/7. They have helped us with a wide variety of initiatives, issues and projects over the years. We've always been extremely satisfied with the results. Having a whole team on call, without any overhead cost, makes this a better arrangement.

John Morgan, Pipeline Medical Products
Dr. Greg Schaller

I've found the Student Marketing Agency to be honest in the time it takes to set up a professional marketing strategy and backend. It doesn't happen over night and they where very clear about set-up time expectations. I've found my account manager, Marcela, to be outstanding in her service, speed, knowledge of her field and willing to serve. The team she works with is vast. Specialists who work in a very organized manner. Records of all work performed is instantly in sight for review. I give them my highest recommendation without any reservation.

Dr. Greg Schaller, Schaller International
Mike Spino

I find the idea of the student marketing agency terrific. It is difficult to find people of their abilities when searching alone. In my case Melanie Laing has been so attentive to my goals and is always positive and shares what the students are doing and motivates them for achieving.

Mike Spino, Spino Running
William Hayes

I've been a successful DJ for over 30 years. Obviously marketing has changed over those years and has become increasingly more complicated than just putting flyers on cars. lol Recently I realized that in order to insure that my new DJ brand is successful I would need help. I have many friends in the marketing business and they all gave me the thumbs up on using SMA for my startup. I was shown an incredible amount of care and understanding in dealing with these hard times. Going that extra mile for me made a huge difference in making me a loyal customer and should be commended. Thank you Hannu, Melanie and everyone else working there for what you do. I can't imagine trying to do it all myself. Now I can focus on being an artist! Much love to SMA.

William Hayes, BB Hayes
James Savitske

I have been working SMA since 2019 and find their work quite thorough and transparent. No mysteries and no corporate buzz words to make themselves sound smarter than you. The work has been data driven. Their model of providing students the opportunity to work on real business issues while having oversight from an experienced manager is not only beneficial to the student but also provides a value opportunity for my business. My Marketing Manager, Marcela Kaiserova is smart, dedicated, and balanced. She pushes back appropriately with valid arguments and has kept our projects within budget and hitting expected performance metrics. As a skilled communicator she ensures that updates are timely and problems are solved (which are few - students do make mistakes) quickly. Highly recommend.

James Savitske, Millennium Seating

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