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Are you an Expert in your subject matter?

Would you like to obtain free publicity by advising journalists and producers who need input from an expert like you?

Every single day we receive over two hundred requests from the press for input on a huge variety of topics.

If you would like to be considered as an expert, here's how the PR students can help...

  • Development of an 'Expert-Profile' media kit. This process take the students about a day to complete. This profile is what we use to 'sell' you to the media. We'll begin the process by writing some custom questions and sending them to you. Your answers will be used to sculpt your profile, which you can approve before we send it out.
  • Every day the students will scan the media requests and identify those that are suitable for you to have input on. This typically takes under 10 minutes per day. The media will usually ask some specific questions, which are used to identify when we find a good fit.
  • When we find a good match, we contact you to confirm the fit. If you agree, you can answer their questions, which we will deliver to the media rep. Success rate varies and on average is between 5% and 10% of submissions. The better your 'expert-profile', the higher your chances, and the more likely you'll get bigger opportunities.

Click the button below and we'll get the first task underway: "Develop Expert Profile".