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Thinking of hiring a marketing agency? Hire a marketing student… Save a bundle!

Our student marketers are experienced and trained.

If you need marketing work done on a shoestring, you've come to the right place!

Our students are supervised and guided by a qualified, experienced Marketing Manager with years of experience and success in the industry. You don't pay for the Marketing Manager's time except for correspondence between you and him/her, or marketing services they may provide. All of their time dedicated to reviewing your work, managing the multiple staff members who might be involved, making suggestions to co-workers... none of that will cost you money.

Hiring a student can save you a bundle.

Discounted Hourly Rates

Service Typical Agency Pricing Discounted Student Pricing Your Savings
Social Media $60.00 $22.22 -63%
SEO $72.00 $22.22 -69%
 Branding $220.00 $22.22 -90%
 Graphic Design $60.00 $22.22 -63%
 Web Design $65.00 $22.22 -66%
 Ad Management $125.00 $27.77 -78%
Content Marketing $125.00 $27.77 -78%
 Creative/Blog Writing $125.00 $27.77 -78%
eCommerce Development $275.00 $37.77 -86%
 Advanced Programming $275.00 $37.77 -86%
Marketing Management & Strategy $350.00 $37.77 -89%

We can work within your marketing budget...

You can tell us that you have a maximum budget and we'll stay within that budget for any project you hire us for.

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