Manager of Local Digital Agency

No sales or marketing required. We supply the clients.

Job title:

Digital Agency Manager, Part-time or Full-time

Work remote, or in our Marina del Rey office



$37.77 per hour for personal advisory work.

Additional compensation payable whenever you delegate production work to our technical team.

If you are full-time, expect total annual compensation to exceed $120,000.00 for an individual, or $240,000.00 for a married couple if both are working full time.

These earnings are possible for any seasoned digital marketing professional with finely honed project management experience. If this is relatively new to you, expect your earnings to be lower during your first year.


Job Description:

We provide you with digital marketing clients who need SEO, digital advertising, website design and more.

Your job is to advise the clients, then delegate all production work to our technical team.

In this unique compensation model, you get paid hourly for all the time you personally spend advising clients. 100% of advisory fees go directly to you.

In addition, you enjoy 50% of all profits derived from production process. Delegation time is not compensated, but this is usually not significant, as you can be earning over $50.00 per hour off delegated work, even while you are sleeping!

If you have at least three years experience in digital marketing, we welcome you to apply to this long-term growth opportunity.

You'll be joining a dedicated team of lifelong learners who receive ongoing mentoring and experience in a wide variety of projects while putting their talents to work helping small and mid-sized businesses across the country.

You should already be accomplished in at least two of the following specialties:

  • SEO
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Graphic Design & Print Management
  • CRO & Advanced Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital ad management (Adwords and Facebook ads)


How to Apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to: