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This is a paid service, but the fee has been waived for you.

This service is for those who desire to get free media coverage and establish themselves as public experts on any topic of your choice.

Registration for this service will result in a daily email with a list of requests from journalists, editors and producers for radio and TV. Their requests will contain detailed information about what type of expert-input they need for articles they are writing or shows they are producing. If they use your opinion, you will receive public credit, usually with links back to your website so the public can find you.

This service is for notification only. Due to privacy concerns by the media, they do not allow direct contact from businesses. Any outreach must be made by an agency (in this case, our agency). If you see a request for expert opinion and you’d like to reply, just write it up and pass it on to your Marketing Manager.

There are two potential fees associated with this service…

  1. A fee for our PR team to work with you to polish your expert profile (optional)
  2. A fee to reach out to the individual media whenever you ask us to.

The success rate of outreach varies but is usually around 5%-10%.

If you register for this service, there is no obligation to ever ask for students to perform any work, and you can receive the email reports for as long as you are a client.

How to activate this service:

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